GMS is a leading Chinese custom manufacturer of hermetically sealed (GTMS or glass-to-metal seal) connectors, headers, terminals, and microelectronic packages. Designed by our customers or in conjunction with GMS - our custom products withstand the most severe environments imaginable. Our capabilities include:

  • CNC machining
• Deep Drawing
• Stamping
• Forming
• Wide range of material Belt furnaces
• Complete electronic CAD support
• Certified QC inspection training program
• Cost reduction assistance
• Custom design help to meet performance goals

GMS custom glass-to-metal seal products are used for aerospace, defense, and industrial applications such as relays, delay lines, capacitors, attenuator networks, inductors, transformers, and semiconductors.

Our factory has outstanding reputation for quality, on-time delivery, desirable prices, and is eager to cooperate. Please allow us to quote your requirements, emailing your specification to

Hermetic Glass-To-Metal
Press-Fit Terminal

50Ω Glass-to-Metal Hermetic Feedthrough

42-pin Glass to Metal
Seal Header

Welded and Brazed Battery Seals
Hermetically Sealed TO-46 Header
Glass-to-Metal Seal Feed-Thru

Glass-to-Metal Seal SIP Terminal Header
Glass to metal Seal Single Lead Terminal

Crystal Header
Bush 4
LED Base 1

LED Base 2
LED Base 3
LED Base 4

Others 3
Others 4
Header 2

Base 1
Base 2

EMI Capacitors
Medical & Others
Header 3

Header 4
High Crrent Feed-thrus
MIL Spec Connectors